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  Kentucky Bar Association - SCR 3 

Rules of the Supreme court of Kentucky

This compilation of Supreme Court Rules has been prepared as a service and convenience to our members.  The Official listing may be found on the Kentucky Court of Justice website at http://courts.ky.gov/supremecourt/rulesprocedures.htm

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SCR 3.010
  General definitions
SCR 3.020  Practice of law defined
SCR 3.022  Forms of practice of law
SCR 3.024  Requirements of practicing law in limited liability entities
SCR 3.025  Kentucky Bar Association
SCR 3.026  Local divisions of the Kentucky Bar Association
SCR 3.030  Membership, practice by nonmembers and classes of membership
SCR 3.040  Dues: date of payment and amount
SCR 3.050  Collection of dues; suspension for non-payment
SCR 3.060  Records to show status of members
SCR 3.070  The board; functions and membership
SCR 3.080  Selection and tenure of board of governors; filling vacancies on the board
SCR 3.090  Duties and powers of the board
SCR 3.100  Officers of the board and association
SCR 3.110  The house; functions, membership, terms and vacancies - Deleted
SCR 3.115  Bar center headquarters
SCR 3.120  Fiscal provisions
SCR 3.125  Travel-Abolished

SCR 3.130  Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct
SCR 3.130(1.0)  Terminology
SCR 3.130(1.1)  Competence
SCR 3.130(1.2)  Scope of representation and allocation of authority between client and lawyer
SCR 3.130(1.3)  Diligence
SCR 3.130(1.4)  Communication
SCR 3.130(1.5)  Fees
SCR 3.130(1.6)  Confidentiality of information
SCR 3.130(1.7)  Conflict of interest: current clients
SCR 3.130(1.8)  Conflict of interest: current clients; specific rules
SCR 3.130(1.9)  Duties to former clients
SCR 3.130(1.10)  Imputation of conflicts of interest: general rule
SCR 3.130(1.11)  Special conflicts of interest for former and current government officers and employees
SCR 3.130(1.12)  Judge, arbitrator, mediator or other third-party neutral
SCR 3.130(1.13)  Organization as client
SCR 3.130(1.14)  Client with diminished capacity
SCR 3.130(1.15)  Safekeeping property
SCR 3.130(1.16)  Declining or terminating representation
SCR 3.130(1.17)  Sale of law practice
SCR 3.130(1.18)  Duties to prospective client
SCR 3.130(1.19)  Dissolution of law firm
SCR 3.130(1.20)  Sale of law practice

SCR 3.130(2.1)  Advisor
SCR 3.130(2.2)  Intermediary – Deleted
SCR 3.130(2.3)  Evaluation for use by third persons
SCR 3.130(2.4)  Lawyer serving as third-party neutral

SCR 3.130(3.1)  Meritorious claims and contentions
SCR 3.130(3.2)  Expediting litigation
SCR 3.130(3.3)  Candor toward the tribunal
SCR 3.130(3.4)  Fairness to opposing party and counsel
SCR 3.130(3.5)  Impartiality and decorum of the tribunal
SCR 3.130(3.6)  Trial publicity
SCR 3.130(3.7)  Lawyer as witness
SCR 3.130(3.8)  Special responsibilities of a prosecutor
SCR 3.130(3.9)  Advocate in nonadjudicative proceedings

SCR 3.130(4.1)  Truthfulness in statements to others
SCR 3.130(4.2)  Communication with person represented by counsel
SCR 3.130(4.3)  Dealing with unrepresented person
SCR 3.130(4.4)  Respect for rights of third persons

SCR 3.130(5.1)  Responsibilities of partners, managers and supervisory lawyers
SCR 3.130(5.2)  Responsibilities of a subordinate lawyer
SCR 3.130(5.3)  Responsibilities regarding nonlawyer assistants
SCR 3.130(5.4)  Professional independence of a lawyer
SCR 3.130(5.5)  Unauthorized practice of law; multijurisdictional practice of law
SCR 3.130(5.6)  Restrictions on right to practice

SCR 3.130(6.1)  Donated legal services
SCR 3.130(6.2)  Accepting appointments
SCR 3.130(6.3)  Membership in legal services organization
SCR 3.130(6.4)  Law reform activities affecting client interests
SCR 3.130(6.5)  Nonprofit and court-annexed limited legal services programs

SCR 3.130(7.01)  Applicability
SCR 3.130(7.02)  Definitions
SCR 3.130(7.03)  Attorneys’ Advertising Commission
SCR 3.130(7.04)  Advertising of fees
SCR 3.130(7.05)  Filing of advertisements
SCR 3.130(7.06)  Advisory opinions
SCR 3.130(7.07)  Review of filings
SCR 3.130(7.08)  Records of the commission
SCR 3.130(7.09)  Direct contact with potential clients
SCR 3.130(7.10)  Waiver and forfeiture of fees for prohibited solicitation
SCR 3.130(7.15)  Communications concerning a lawyer's service
SCR 3.130(7.20)  Advertising
SCR 3.130(7.25)  Identification of advertisements
SCR 3.130(7.30)  Direct contact with prospective client – Deleted
SCR 3.130(7.40)  Communication of fields of practice
SCR 3.130(7.50)  Firm names and letterheads
SCR 3.130(7.60)  Kentucky Bar Association disaster response plan
SCR 3.130(7.1)  Communications concerning a lawyer’s services – Deleted
SCR 3.130(7.2)  Advertising – Deleted
SCR 3.130(7.3)  Direct contact with prospective clients – Deleted
SCR 3.130(7.4)  Communication of fields of practice – Deleted
SCR 3.130(7.5)  Firm names and letterheads – Deleted

SCR 3.130(8.1)  Bar admission and disciplinary matters
SCR 3.130(8.2)  Judicial and legal officials
SCR 3.130(8.3)  Reporting professional misconduct
SCR 3.130(8.4)  Misconduct
SCR 3.130(8.5)  Disciplinary authority; choice of law
SCR 3.135  Advertisement of legal services - Deleted
SCR 3.140  Appointment of inquiry commission
SCR 3.150  Access to disciplinary information
SCR 3.155  Appointment and duties of Bar Counsel
SCR 3.157  Appointment and duties of Disciplinary Clerk
SCR 3.160  Initiation of disciplinary cases
SCR 3.165  Temporary suspension by the Supreme Court
SCR 3.166  Automatic suspension after conviction of a felony
SCR 3.170  Processing disciplinary cases
SCR 3.175  Efficient enforcement; notice of attorney’s address
SCR 3.180  Investigations and trials to be prompt; subpoena power
SCR 3.181  Assistance to other lawyer disciplinary jurisdictions
SCR 3.185  Informal admonition procedure
SCR 3.190  Charges; form; by whom and where filed
SCR 3.200  Notice of filing charges; time to answer
SCR 3.210  Processing cases of default, admissions of violations or answers raising only issues of law
SCR 3.220  When charge shall not be taken as confessed - Deleted
SCR 3.225  Appointment of Trial Commission
SCR 3.230  Procedure when answer raises issues of fact
SCR 3.240  Notice of appointment of Trial Commissioner and hearing
SCR 3.250  Challenge to qualifications of trial commissioner - Deleted
SCR 3.260  Joinder and consolidation
SCR 3.270  Absent respondents; appointment of attorney - Deleted
SCR 3.280  Pleadings and preliminary motions – Deleted
SCR 3.285  Motion to reconsider or dismiss a charge
SCR 3.290  Filing and processing of pleadings and other papers
SCR 3.300  Rights of respondent against whom a charge has been filed
SCR 3.310  Mental disability after misconduct charged - Deleted
SCR 3.320  Procedure where an attorney has been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony
SCR 3.330  Order of proceedings and burden of proof
SCR 3.340  Introduction and admissibility of evidence, evidence taken in other proceedings
SCR 3.350  Transcript of evidence
SCR 3.360  Trial Commissioner to file report with Disciplinary Clerk
SCR 3.365  Notice of appeal
SCR 3.370  Procedure before the Board and the Court
SCR 3.375  Appointment of non-lawyer members to Board
SCR 3.380  Degrees of discipline
SCR 3.390  Notice to client of suspension or disbarment
SCR 3.395  Appointment of special commissioner to protect clients' interests
SCR 3.400  Rehearing by Trial Commissioner
SCR 3.410  Procedure in the court - Deleted
SCR 3.420  Attorney general may represent the board - Deleted
SCR 3.430  Duty to file brief - Deleted
SCR 3.435  Reciprocal discipline
SCR 3.440  Disposition of case
SCR 3.450  Recovery of costs
SCR 3.455  Subpoena power
SCR 3.460  Unauthorized practices proceeding
SCR 3.470  Attorney aiding unauthorized practice
SCR 3.475  Furnishing legal services pursuant to a pre-paid legal services plan
SCR 3.476  Furnishing legal services pursuant to a prepaid legal service plan – Abolished
SCR 3.477  Member's financial interest in plan or group
SCR 3.480  Withdrawal from the association; negotiated sanctions
SCR 3.490  Mental disability in absence of misconduct - Deleted
SCR 3.500  Restoration to membership
SCR 3.505  Character and Fitness Committee; reinstatements
SCR 3.510  Reinstatement in case of disciplinary suspension
SCR 3.520  Reinstatement in case of disbarment - Deleted
SCR 3.530  Ethics Committee and Unauthorized Practice Committee - advisory opinions-informal and formal 
SCR 3.540  Legal internship-Renumbered
SCR 3.550  Amendments - Deleted
SCR 3.600  Continuing Legal Education definitions
SCR 3.605  The commission; functions and membership 
SCR 3.610  Selection and tenure of the commission, filling vacancies on the commission
SCR 3.615  Commission member qualifications
SCR 3.620  Commission quorum
SCR 3.625  Commission staff
SCR 3.630  Commission duties
SCR 3.635  Kentucky Law Update seminars in each appellate district
SCR 3.640  New lawyer program requirement
SCR 3.645  Continuing legal education requirements: compliance and certification 
SCR 3.650  Qualifying continuing legal education activity and standards
SCR 6.655  Calculation and reporting of continuing legal education credits: formulas and limits 
SCR 3.660  Procedure for accreditation of continuing legal education activities and obligations of sponsors
SCR 3.665  Exemptions and removal of exemptions
SCR 3.670  Extension of time requirements
SCR 3.675  Non-compliance: procedure and sanctions
SCR 3.680  Appeal of commission actions
SCR 3.685  Continuing legal education requirements for restoration or reinstatement to membership: procedures
SCR 3.690  Continuing legal education award
SCR 3.695  Commission records confidential
SCR 3.700  Provisions relating to paralegals
SCR 3.800  Legal negligence arbitration
SCR 3.810  Legal fee arbitration
SCR 3.815  Mediation and arbitration
SCR 3.820  Clients' Security Fund
SCR 3.830  Kentucky IOLTA Fund
SCR 3.900  Definitions
SCR 3.910  Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program (KYLAP)
SCR 3.920  Kentucky Lawyer Assistance Program Commission (KYLAP Commission)
SCR 3.930  KYLAP Program Director and Staff
SCR 3.940  KYLAP Volunteer Counselors
SCR 3.950  Self-Referrals
SCR 3.960  Third Party Referrals
SCR 3.970  Agency Referrals
SCR 3.980  Supreme Court Assignments to KYLAP
SCR 3.990  Confidentiality
SCR 3.995  Immunity 

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