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  Complaints Against Lawyers 

By Supreme Court Rule, all complaints against lawyers must be made in writing and must be notarized.   No complaints can be accepted by e-mail, fax or telephone.  Although it is not required that a complaint be on the KBA form, there is a form available.

Questions & Answers About Filing a Complaint Against A Lawyer
(To assist you in the process.)

KBA Complaint Form
 (Print, complete and return to KBA)
KBA Complaint Form (Complete online and save for printing and return to the KBA)

You may also file your complaint by writing it out, signing it, and having it notarized.  Or you may  obtain a form by contacting Consumer Assistance:

     Phone: 502-564-3795, ext. 297
     Email:  ConsumerAssistance@kybar.org    

Complaints Against Non-Lawyers Committing the Unauthorized Practice of Law

UPL Complaint Form

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