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  Office of Bar Counsel 

The Kentucky Bar Association, acting as an agency of the Supreme Court, is responsible for investigating complaints against lawyers practicing in this Commonwealth and for prosecuting charges of professional misconduct issued by the Inquiry Commission.  The Office of Bar Counsel investigates written complaints and prosecutes charges.

By Supreme Court Rule, all complaints against lawyers must be made in writing and must be notarized.   No complaints can be accepted by e-mail, fax or telephone.  Although it is not required that a complaint be on the KBA form, there is a form available.

KBA Complaint Form

You may also file your complaint by writing it out, signing it, and having it notarized.  Or you may  obtain a form by contacting the Consumer Assistance Program:

     Phone: 502-564-3795, ext. 297 
     Email:  ConsumerAssistance@kybar.org

 Office of Bar Counsel - Staff

(502) 564-3795

Thomas H. Glover, Chief Bar Counsel ....Ext. 271
Jay R. Garrett, Chief Deputy Bar Counsel ....Ext. 234
Jane H. Herrick, Deputy Bar Counsel/Administrative Manager ....Ext. 269
Frank Burnette, Deputy Bar Counsel/Consumer Assistance Manager ....Ext. 239
Ashleigh Bailey, Deputy Bar Counsel ....Ext. 283
Kristine Brower, Deputy Bar Counsel ....Ext. 244
Ashley Chilton, Deputy Bar Counsel ....Ext. 268
Robbie Owen Clements, Deputy Bar Counsel ....Ext. 262
Steven Pulliam, Deputy Bar Counsel ....Ext. 258
Sonja Blackburn, Paralegal ....Ext. 261
Chanda Cain, Legal Assistant ....Ext. 232
Angela Parker Fields, Office Manager ....Ext. 251
Amy Gaines, Records Clerk   ....Ext. 287
Mary Ellen Hardy, Attorneys' Advertising Commission Paralegal ....Ext. 241
Becky Mattingly, Legal Assistant ....Ext. 255
Audra Morris, Legal Assistant ....Ext. 285
Cheryl Walker, Legal Assistant ....Ext. 256
Cinda Walling, Legal Assistant ....Ext. 290
Cindy Wedding, Litigation Paralegal/OBC Investigator ....Ext. 259


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