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  About the Board of Governors 

Board of Governors

Supreme Court Rule 3.070 provides that the Board of Governors is the governing body of the Association and the agent of the Court for the purpose of administering and enforcing the Rules of the Court governing the practice of law. Membership of the Board consists of attorneys including the KBA president, president-elect, vice president, the immediate past president, the chair of the Young Lawyer's Section and two attorneys elected from the membership of the Association in each Supreme Court District. In addition, there are four lay members that serve on the Board of Governors for consideration of disciplinary cases.

The Board meets at least six times a year in sessions that generally are a day and a half in length. During the discipline session of each meeting, seventeen members of the Board participate in deliberations on charges of professional misconduct brought against members of the Bar and make recommendations to the Supreme Court on guilt and punishment or innocence of charged members. During meetings the Board may also hear task force, committee and section reports, make Bar policy decisions, issue formal ethics opinions and unauthorized practice of law opinions, consider appeals from CLE Commission rulings and Attorneys' Advertising Commission rulings, consider budget matters and other matters involving Bar operations.

Each year the Board has the responsibility of recommending an annual operating budget to the Court. The proposed budget must be submitted to the Court at least four months prior to the start of the fiscal year. As a mandatory Bar, the major source of funds for Bar operations are dues from members. The Court sets the dues structure based upon recommendations from the Board.

Board of Governors policy prohibits all Board members and members of their respective firms from representing respondents in discipline matters.

President of the Kentucky Bar Association

The president is the chief executive officer of the KBA and serves a one-year term beginning on July 1. The president-elect automatically becomes president at the end of the one-year term of president-elect.

Vice-President / President-Elect

The Vice-President and President-Elect are chosen by a vote of the bar membership should there be more than one candidate for the respective positions. Nominations for the offices of Vice-President and President-Elect shall be made by written petition signed by not less than one hundred members of the Association in good standing, with not less than ten signatures on the written petition being from each Supreme Court District. Nominating petitions for Vice-President and President-Elect shall be filed between October 15 and November 15 in each year. Election ballots are sent to the membership only if there is more than one nominee for either or both of the positions.

Bar Governor

A Bar governor elected from a Supreme Court District serves a two year term and is eligible to be elected for three successive two year terms without a break in service. The Bar governor terms are staggered in order that one of the two governors from each District will be up for election each year. A candidate for Bar governor must be a member of the Bar in good standing and reside in the Supreme Court (Appellate) District in which she or he seeks election. Petitions to run for Bar governor from an Appellate District must be filed in the office of the KBA Director during the month of October. If only one person files for a position, she/he is declared elected after the filing deadline. Ballots are mailed to members in the Supreme Court District where more than one attorney has filed for Bar governor. Vacancies in a Bar governor position are filled for the remainder of the term by appointment by the president subject to a written confirmation of a majority of the Board of Governors

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