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Donated Legal Services
Caring for Your Community

In 1991, the Supreme Court of Kentucky established in  SCR 3.130(6.1), Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct, a goal for each Kentucky lawyer to provide a minimum of 50 hours of donated legal services to Commonwealth citizens in need.

In 1984, the KBA appointed the first pro bono committee to study viable options for pro bono development in the Commonwealth. There are now 9 pro bono programs operating, covering most counties in Kentucky. In 2006, the Kentucky Bar Association provided funds to establish the first Kentucky Volunteer Lawyer Program, a statewide program intended to strengthen, develop and encourage pro bono among the bar and through these local programs.

This coordination of efforts between the private bar’s pro bono work and legal services programs helps to significantly meet more of the variety of the legal needs of low income Kentuckians.

If you would like to learn more or if you have questions about donated legal services, please contact:

Kentucky Volunteer Lawyer Program
(859) 255-9913 ext. 12

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