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Working to Ensure Ethical Legal Representation

Providing a System to Maintain Trust and Confidence

Both the initial admission to practice law in Kentucky and the regulation of the profession are governed by Supreme Court Rules. The Kentucky Supreme Court has stringent standards for admission to the bar and created the Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions to supervise the admissions process. If you have a question concerning bar admission, contact the Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions at (859) 246-2381.

The American legal system and the attorney-client relationship are founded on trust. Although few attorneys ever betray that trust, when a breach occurs, damage to individuals and the entire system may result. The lawyers of Kentucky and the Kentucky Supreme Court recognize that action should be taken to prevent unethical conduct and to restore confidence and trust should misconduct occur. The Supreme Court regulates the practice and issues discipline where necessary.

The Office of Bar Counsel of the Kentucky Bar Association, appointed under SCR 3.155, is responsible for investigating complaints of conduct that violates SCR 3.130 by lawyers practicing in this Commonwealth, and for prosecuting charges of professional misconduct issued by the Inquiry Commission. The Inquiry Commission is an independent body appointed by the Court to review and analyze complaints from any source which allege professional misconduct by lawyers. The KBA Office of Bar Counsel is staffed with attorneys who can assist anyone in filing a complaint of unethical conduct.

The Executive Director of the KBA and the KBA Bar Counsel staff are also responsible for investigating and prosecuting laypersons who engage in the unauthorized practice of law. You may report unauthorized practice to Bar Counsel.

Knowledge of your ethical responsibility and of the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct and compliance with those Rules is the best safeguard against a bar complaint and disciplinary action. The Rules of Professional Conduct are found at Supreme Court Rule 3.130-1.1 through 8.3, published in the Kentucky Rules of Court and the rules volume of the Kentucky Revised Statutes and on the KBA website under Ethics; Attorney Discipline; Rules of Professional Conduct – SCR 3.130.

If you find yourself involved in a disciplinary action and need information concerning the process, contact the Office of Bar Counsel.

Know and Follow: 
Kentucky Supreme Court Rule 3

Rule 3 of the Kentucky Supreme Court governs the practice of law in Kentucky. Your responsibilities as an attorney in the Commonwealth are clearly stated in these rules. While the KBA provides programs and information to assist you in understanding the Rules, it is your ultimate responsibility. Most of your questions can be answered by referring to the Kentucky Rules of Court.
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