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  KBA Committees 

Committees are voluntary organizations which carry out a variety of special projects for the KBA.  Some Committees are established pursuant to Supreme Court Rule to address continuing needs of the bar while others are created for special projects by the Board of Governors and may be of limited duration.  Committee and chair appointments are made annually by the President of the KBA.  If you are interested in a committee appointment call the Executive Director at (502) 564-3795 or send an e-mail request to jmeyers@kybar.org.

Annual Convention (General & CLE Program)
The role of the Annual Convention Committee is to plan all events for the KBA Annual Convention.  Members are appointed by the KBA President for a one-year term of service expiring at the conclusion of the Annual Convention.  A CLE Program Committee, whose chair also serves on the Annual Convention Committee, is appointed to plan the continuing legal education programs to be presented during the Convention.

Child Protection & Domestic Violence
The role of the Child Protection & Domestic Violence Committee is to review the various legal aspects surrounding juvenile issues. Work of the Committee has included publication of a handbook on Children's Rights.

Communications and Publications
The role of the Communications and Publications Committee is to oversee the publication of the Kentucky Bench & Bar. The Committee accepts and reviews legal articles to be published in the Bench & Bar.  In addition the committee advises on issues regarding KBA public relations.  The chair of the Committee also serves as editor of the Bench & Bar magazine.

Diversity in the Profession Committee
The role of the Diversity in the Profession Committee is to work to identify the roadblocks in attaining diversity and equity in the legal profession and the Kentucky Bar Association as well as produce a more diversified legal community in Kentucky.

Donated Legal Services
The Donated Legal Services Committee assists the various legal services organizations and local bar associations in establishing and coordinating donated legal services (pro bono) efforts throughout Kentucky.  The committee is beginning a project to enhance the donated legal services efforts by members of the KBA.

The Ethics Committee reviews advisory opinion requests from Bar members on ethical questions based on contemplated attorney conduct. Committee members assist in drafting opinions to be presented to the Board of Governors under the provisions of SCR 3.530.  The Board may authorize formal or informal opinions.

Ethics Hotline

The Ethics Hotline Committee consists of at least one member from each Supreme Court District.  The role of the committee members is to render advisory ethics opinions of an emergency nature.  By Rule, opinions may be provided only to an attorney based on the contemplated conduct of the requesting attorney.


The Investment Committee reviews the performance of the investment management company retained to invest the KBA surplus funds.  The committee may also make recommendations to the Board of Governors on matters involving the surplus fund investment policy.

The role of the Legislative Committee is to review legislation that may affect the legal profession.  The KBA has a Legislative Policy & Procedure that is followed if a determination is made that a particular piece of legislation will be recommended by the Board of Governors or a section of the Bar.  As an integrated Bar, the KBA is very restrictive on legislative issues that may be considered for Bar endorsement.

Member Services

The role of the Member Services Committee is to review proposals for endorsement of products and services that may be of assistance to members in their practices.  The committee makes recommendations to the Board of Governors on whether particular products or services should be endorsed by the KBA.

Military Law Committee
The Military Law Committee will provide education for lawyers and judges on programs available for Kentucky veterans.

The Rules Committee consists of members of the Board of Governors.  This Committee reviews proposals for amendments to the Civil Rules, Criminal Rules and Supreme Court Rules.  Committee members are also involved with the drafting of proposed rules amendments.

Unauthorized Practice of Law

The role of the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee is to render advisory opinions on questions of whether a particular activity may constitute the unauthorized practice of law by a non-lawyer.  Formal unauthorized practice of law opinions may be issued by the Board of Governors upon recommendation of the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee.

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