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Elder Law Section
2014 - 2015 Officers

Whitney Wilson
Elder Law of Louisville
4500 Bowling Blvd., Ste. 150
Louisville, KY 40207

Shari Polur
125 Chenoweth Ln., Ste. 203
P. O. Box 7966
Louisville, KY 40257

John Greenup
4175 Westport Rd. Unit 106
Louisville, KY  40207
502-899-9997 ext. 304

Christina Cochran
1300 Clear Springs Trace Ste. 3
Louisville, KY  40223


A. To provide an organization within the Association for persons with an interest in elder law and to further the knowledge and professionalism of members in that field of law;
B. To provide a forum for mutual help in the practice of elder law and to discuss and form solutions to problems occurring in such practice;
C. To aid in the development of laws benefitting elder citizens and those concerned with the care and needs of the elderly;
D. To aid and encourage the presentation of seminars, institutes, programs, publications, and legal panels connected with the Section's objectives.
E. To promote the health, welfare, and financial security of elder citizens in accordance with their needs and wishes;
F. To promote ethical and competent practice in the elder law field;
G. To disseminate information for the better understanding of the public in  matters relating to elder law;
H. To improve the administration and application of laws, rules, and regulations in elder law matters and to further legitimate legislative objectives; and 
I. To do such other activities as may be necessary and appropriate to fulfill any or all of the foregoing statements of purpose.


2015 Spring CLE Seminar: Putting an Elder Law Practice to Work
April 10, 2015
6.50 CLE credits
Louisville, KY
Seminar Brochure & Registration Form


Meeting Dates
All meetings will take place in the Boardroom
at the Bar Center beginning at 12:00 p.m.

April 8, 2015


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