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Wednesday - June 18, 2014

Nicholas Schmidle Nicholas Schmidle, a staff writer with The New Yorker, makes his return to the KBA Annual Convention on Wednesday, June 18th. Last year he spoke to a standing room only audience about his time in Pakistan and how that contributed to his National Magazine Award-nominated article about the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. This year he'll take attendees on a thrilling tour of the global underworld and the legal and ethical questions that arise for law enforcement.
Michael E. Tigar Michael E. Tigar will be the Spotlight Speaker for the KBA Annual Convention on Wednesday, June 18. Tigar is a renowned criminal defense attorney who has represented Isabel Letelier, the family of Ronni Moffitt, many victims of the Pinochet repression, Angela Davis, H. Rap Brown, John Connally, Kay Bailey Hutchison, the Washington Post, Fantasy Films, Terry Nichols, Allen Ginsburg, Leonard Peltier, the Charleston Five, Fernando Chavez, Karl Dietrich Wolff, and Lynne Stewart.

In addition to his work as a criminal defense attorney, Tigar serves as Emeritus Professor of the Practice of Law at Duke University School of Law and Professor Emeritus of Law at Washington College of Law, American University, Washington, D.C. He is the author or co-author of thirteen books, three plays and scores of articles and essays. His latest books are Trial Stories, Thinking about Terrorism: The Threat to Civil Liberties in Times of National Emergency, Nine Principles of Litigation and Life, and Fighting Injustice.

Thursday - June 19, 2014

Gregory S. Gordon Gregory S. Gordon returns for a "three-peat" on Thursday, June 19th. Professor Gordon made his first presentation to Kentucky attorneys at the 2012 Annual Convention program "Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today" and joined Nicholas Schmidle last year for a standing room only presentation on "Getting Bin Laden". This year the international law and human rights expert will address the Syrian Civil War, the atrocities committed and the prospects for justice.
Michael Lindenberger Michael Lindenberger, a native Louisvillian and writer for The Dallas Morning News, comes home to the Bluegrass on Thursday, June 19th. The former Courier Journal Bureau Chief will take a look at journalism in the era of surveillance. How do we strike a balance between the public's need to know and national security?

Friday - June 20, 2014

Talmage  Boston Talmage Boston is a Dallas attorney, author, lecturer and much sought after interviewer. In his book Raising the Bar: The Crucial Role of the Lawyer in Society, Boston profiles the lives of lawyers, real and fictional, who brought integrity and honor to the practice of law. On Friday, June 20th, he will challenge attendees to "raise the bar" and help restore the reputation of the law and lawyers.

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